death race

This was a very decieving name for a workout

This is a workout me and a few friends did last week. It all started as a joke, but you know how that goes. Jerritt (my awesome workout partner) and I were feeling pretty cocky about our workouts and started bragging about them to Ricky and Megan. Ricky and Megan have both competed in the most extreme race on the planet; The Death Race. Ricky was in town for training for the past two weeks and so as part of his training, he challenged us to a workout duel.

In order to be fair and not stack the workout in me and Jerritt’s favor, we enlisted the help of Sgt. James Fairfield, head of our police department’s TAC team. We did not know what the workout would entail until we arrived at the gym.

The 3 page workout was titled Build a Bear. My memories of bringing my kids to the mall and filling sweet little, cuddly bears with soft stuffing and secret hearts quickly faded as I read through the torture James had prepared for us.

Jerritt and I started strong and were actually a head of Megan and Ricky, but things slowed down as more and more weight was added to our stretcher. We finished building our “bear” but did not make the 1 hour (or more) trip (1.5 mile) back to the gym.

Even though we did not finish, we were pretty proud of ourselves for taking on such an enormous challenge.

Ricky and Megan finished…after all, they are Death Racers.

Here it is.

Build a Bear Workout