The OG

According the the Urban Dictionary, OG means,
Original Gangster. Being, or being related to the stereotypical 1970’s gangster’s lifestyle.

For my purposes and the purpose of this blog, OG means Original Grandma. I could go back generations for this one but OG in my family is my mom, the original Super Nana.

Don’t ask me how old she is, I don’t know and she won’t tell. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. It’s a mystery.

I remember my mom giving me a box of old photos. One day I decided to go through the box. I couldn’t believe my luck. At the bottom of the box was the tiniest little pink baby book. It looked antique. I couldn’t believe it. It was my mother’s!! I would finally be able to solve the age mystery. I would be the hero amongst my siblings. I would finally know the truth.

To my dismay, I found nothing. It wasn’t complete. I guess this would be one mystery that would never be solved.

It’s not that my mom is embarrassed by her age, it’s that she doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business. If there is one thing that drives her insane, it’s ageism; discrimination or stereotyping based on age.

My goal with this blog is to bust through stereotypes of age. My mom has been doing that for years.

I hate it when people think they are too old to do things, accomplish things or learn things. I hate it even more when people think that we are limited because of our age or judge us by our age. I can’t tell you the amount of people I talk to who tell me they are too old to do my boot camp program. I’m even more astounded when I find out that they are only in their mid 40s!! If people have already resigned themselves to thinking that they can’t accomplish things and they are only in their 40s, then I would hate to see how the rest of their lives play out.

My mom has quite a few stories about stereotyping but the one that sticks out with me the most happened a few years ago. She was in town for Christmas and we were at the mall doing some last minute shopping. We went into a local record store and she asked for a particular rap cd. The young sales assistant made the grave mistake of asking her if it was for her grandchild…OMG, I couldn’t believe he just asked her that. A hush fell over the store, the lights dimmed and everyone froze in their tracks. My mom, cool as a cucumber proceeded to educate the young man on stereotyping. I don’t think he will ever make that mistake again. My mom happens to love rap music (as long as it’s clean).

People often ask me, “Hey Supernana, where do you get your moxie”. Ok, no one has ever asked and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use the word, “moxie”, but I know that I am my mother’s daughter. Everything I am and everything I have become can be credited to my mom.

My mom has always danced to her own drummer. She was hip before hip was hip. She wasn’t like any other moms that I knew of. She didn’t care what people thought of her and she never, ever let stereotyping get in her way.

My mom worked full time and raised 6 kids, including a set of twins. As an Army wife, she spent months without my dad, including two tours of Vietnam and countless trip to the field for training. She never missed a beat. She worked all day and always had time for each of us kids. We were all made to feel special, cherished and loved. It was NOT easy. I was NOT an easy child especially in my teen years.

Many times she was both mom and dad. We had a lot of crazy times. She always put us first. When my oldest brother went to a downtown festival and found that people were there showing off their pets, he called her because he wanted to show off his 5 foot Boa Constrictor. My mom, grabbed the snake and met him downtown. How did she do it? She just threw the snake around her neck and drove down there.

My mom was raised in NYC. She bought a Harley Davidson while in her early 20s. She belonged to a group that traveled all over and up through Canada. Now let me take a moment and stress that this was in no way, shape or form, a gang. She makes sure that us kids know it was a “group”. She actually belonged to the Motor Maids of America as well as the American Motorcycle Association.

Like I said, my mom was hip before hip was hip.

The years have not tamed her free spirit nor her hip factor. She just bought a Macbook Air, has a better and newer ipad than all of us kids and she is rocking the latest iPhone. Our main communication is by text.

Her and my dad have been happily married for a very long time. Again, the exact years are a bit of a mystery. They travel most of the year in their RV, hooking up with friends and family at campsites across the US. I keep up with her travels though her Facebook page.

I do have to admit that I was shocked to see FB pictures of her first tattoo. Calls were made between us kids wondering what we were going to do with her. Has she lost her mind? She’s getting tattoos? At her age? I don’t know which is more shocking, her tattoos or her using the word, Tat. I just shake my head and remember, that is my mom, and that is what is so awesome about her and that is part of why I love her so much. So how old is she? I may never know. I can say that she has six kids, 6 grandkids and 3 great grandkids.

Last week my mom and dad came through town on their way back from months of travel out west. I posted old pictures of my mom on her Harley on my Facebook page. One of my friends saw the picture and arranged for my mom to ride a Harley compliments of Capital City Harley Davidson..
She was in heaven.

My mom is awesome. My dad is too, but I’ll save that for another blog. For all of you who told me that I am awesome (all 3 of you), it’s because of my mom.

A Strong Week

It’s not even Friday and I must say, I’ve had a pretty good week of working out.

A couple of milestones for me this week was getting out and doing things on my own. I do love having a workout partner especially for the tough workouts but this week, Jerritt, my workout partner for the most hideous of workouts, was busy with his job. At least that’s what he told me.

Easter Sunday, I got out for a trail run with Peyton, my wonderful, beautiful, sweet pup. We walked and ran for just over 3 miles. It was a beautiful day. Instead of beating myself up for walking more than I wanted to, I decided to absorb the moment and enjoy the day. I even went without my music and instead, really tuned into the beauty around me.

Monday, Jane and I went to my gym for a 30 min circuit training with Ropes, Kettlebells and TRX.

Tuesday, Jane and I went to Piney Z for a run. I love this trail! There is nothing quite like running while dodging snakes, seeing alligators and relocating turtles. This doesn’t happen on every run, but just the thought of the adventures we might come across make the run more exciting.

I like to use my Nike + GPS app on my iphone for my runs. It tracks distance, times, pace (which is depressing) AND it connects to Facebook so that when my friends, “like” my “I just started a Run with Nike +” post, I hear cheering through my headphones. Not sure how that works, but it’s pretty motivating and fun.

On the Nike app, you can choose from several options, one of which is time. You choose the time and it will tell you your half way point. That is when we turn around. The most we have done is 45 mins with a turn around time of half that.

I had my phone strapped to my arm so I asked Jane to push the 45 min option. Since Jane is also pushing 50 and can’t see anymore, she ended up pressing the 60 minute option. I didn’t find that out until we got done with our run.

Since we didn’t get a 22 minute notice to turn around, we kept running further and further up the trail. We ended up going into unchartered (for us) territory. It was wonderful. I kept wondering how anyone could possibly spend their running time pounding away the miles on the streets or sidewalks, inhaling fumes, listening to and dodging traffic when we have such incredible trails available.

We ended up turning around because we weren’t sure how much further the trail would take us. We ended up running 57 minutes. We didn’t walk much and I actually ran longer without stopping than I have in a very long time. It was a huge confidence booster.

Wednesday was my Joe day. We went to the stadium for ramps and swings. I love workouts like this. Doak Campbell has a 5 level ramp system that leads to the top of the stadium. Here is what we did.

Run up and back first ramp level
Do 100 Kettlebell Swings
Run up and back 2 levels
80 Swings
Run up and back 3 levels
60 Swings
Run up and back 4 levels
40 Swings
Run up and back all 5 levels
20 Swings.
Repeat the 5th and work you way back down the ladder.

You can do this workout on a hill or even a straight road. Just add laps each time.

Thursday is my tire day. I actually started sweating about this workout on Wednesday night. I had nightmares about it.
I dreaded it because I knew I had to do it alone. I had to depend on myself to push me through a workout that is just plain horrendous. I thought of every reason to put it off but finally decided to suck it up and do it.

My goal was to do 5 sets of 5 flips for a total of 25. I wasn’t worried about time because I know I’m going to slow down half way through the work out.

I really worked on my form so that I could get by with as few bruises as possible. I consulted with my “tire coach”,
Bud Jeffries about the bruising and he assured me as my form and strength improve it will get better. He also said that I will adapt. I haven’t posted pictures because I know my mom will freak out a little and begin questioning my sanity. Come to think of it, it won’t be the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last, so here is the picture. Sorry mom!!

My first few flips I was able to avoid setting the tire on my thigh for the transition, as I get tired, it became hard to avoid.

I managed 4 sets of 5 flips and then 1 set of 3. It took just over 25 minutes. I had to rest longer between sets and reps towards the end. I was exhausted but it felt great to get through half of my goal with 9 weeks left for my 50 flips for my 50th birthday goal.

This is the first exercise that I have found that works every muscle, head to toe. I know it’s not for everyone; actually, I know it’s not for most people but there is something about flipping tires that appeals to me. I think it must because it’s something I can do that requires everything I have mentally and physically. To set a goal of doing 50 for my 50th birthday is part insane and part awesome.

I have to admit, I am researching World Records and unorthodox feats of strength done by women. There isn’t much info out there. Maybe, just maybe, I will trail blaze this area of strength.

Super Strong Weekend

I’ve taken 4 naps today and still don’t think I’ve fully recovered from this past weekend. Not sure where Monday and Tuesday went either.

Me and my gym, Boot Camp Fitness and Training hosted the Super Human Workshop with Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher. It was a weekend of learning techniques to improve strength and endurance using some very unorthodox methods. Lectures were followed by hands on learning and I am pretty sure everyone in attendance set strength PRs.

Friday afternoon was spent preparing for the workshop and also the Strongman performance that was held Friday evening. Watching the process was both fascinating and alarming. Bud and Logan live across the country from each other so Friday afternoon was spent learning and practicing some new stunts. Let’s just say that Juggling Kettlebells of Death was aptly named.

I don’t want to go into a whole recap of the weekend. I am editing a video that will give you more information than you could possibly handle.

So, let’s talk about me!!

I threw most caution to the wind as I just had to try out some feats of strength. I am happy to report that I did hold back in certain areas due to my healing, but not much.

First thing I just had to try was taking a bowling ball to my stomach. I’m not sure how many people would watch that being done to someone and then immediately want to try it. It wasn’t that bad. I have some strong abs and it’s all about maximum contraction and trusting the person dropping the ball on your stomach. We started low and went higher. I didn’t get it on video but later that weekend, Logan took a few steps up the ladder and dropped the ball on me.

One of the things that I really wanted to be able to do was to bend a nail. I have tried several times in the past year and wasn’t even able to put a kink in it. I tried again on Friday and couldn’t do it. On Monday and under the careful instruction of Bud’s son, Noah, who can bend thick steel rods, I bent my first 3/16th nail! It wasn’t easy.

One of the great things about hosting the workshop was having access to so many experts. Everyone hung out at my house each day after the workshop. I talked to Bud about some ideas for celebrating my upcoming 50th birthday with some crazy feats of strength and insanity. We came up with a plan and he wrote me a workout.

My goal is to flip our 400 pound tire 50 times! But first, I had to learn the proper technique. Thanks to Bud, the tire goal seems reachable.

This weekend really helped get me excited about working out. Having a really cool, unique goal to achieve is the icing on the cake. Traditional workouts just don’t excite me and this workshop was just what I needed both physically and mentally to light my fire.

On Tuesday, I got with Noah one last time for a bending lesson. I bent 3 nails with ease. Since we didn’t have a thicker nail, Noah duct taped a 3/16 and a 1/8 together for me to try. That was tough and I had to use some different leverage to bend it but I did it. As you can see in this video, the 3/16 nail bend was easy. It was bent before I actually used all my strength.

Even though I set quite a few PRs this weekend and got to hang out with some very cool people including my girls in strength, Adrienne Harvey and Melody Schoenfeld. I also got to meet and learn from, Ryan Pitts of Stronger Grip. He makes the coolest grip and strength tools I’ve ever seen. I already have an order ready.

It was a great weekend but I must say, the best part was seeing my best girl, Ava..oh and finally getting the FSU Kettlebell that Ryan has been working on for months.