But Officer, I swear, it’s Only 1 Rep

Tonight’s workout was a good one especially if you like to go heavy. I watched my Kettlebell clients try some new lifts and set personal records. I had to lift vicariously through them since I am still on my self imposed workout restriction. I think I have one more week left, although I will do whatever my Dr. recommends during my follow up appointment next week.

I named this workout for one of my clients, Jerritt who is a police officer.

“Officer I Swear, it’s Only 1 Rep”

We started with unweighted Windmills and Turkish Get Ups for our movement prep and then performed 1 heavy repetition of a

Turkish Get Up
Barbell or Kettlebell Deadlift
Double Front Squat
Double Military Press
Renegade Row or rows with 1 hand on bench
Single Leg Deadlift
Pull Up (with weight if you can)

Repeat for 8-10 sets.

If you don’t have a Kettlebell or know how to use Kettlebells don’t worry, you can use dumbbells. Whatever you choose as your weapon, make sure it’s heavy enough to challenge yourself. Our class is 30 minutes. You can do less sets if you don’t have time or even break it up into 2 sessions during the day.

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