About Super Strong Nana

December 24th 2011 I was gathered around the kitchen with my family. My mom and dad were visiting for Christmas as were my son, Ryan and his wife, Erin. As soon as Ryan said, we have something to tell you, I started to cry. Somehow, I knew this was going to happen this way, on this day.

My life changed forever.

First of all, let me state for the record, that Ryan is my twenty nine year old son. I know in this day and age, you can become a grandparent at a very young age. My other son, Nigel is only 17 and believe me, I would not be happy if he were the reason I became a grandmother!

My name is Laurel Blackburn. I am going to be turning 50 this summer. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about an upcoming birthday in my short life. I am excited because in the past 6 years I have accomplished things that I never thought were possible, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am doing more now in my life and with my life than I have in the previous 40 years. I believe that this is just the beginning of becoming the woman I’m meant to be.

I don’t or will never claim to be the strongest Nana out there nor will I claim to be the fitness. My only claim is that I will be the fittest, strongest Nana I can be and help you to do the same. On a side note, this was originally intended just to be called, Super Nana, but that domain name is already taken by….a lingerie site of all things. Hey, just because I am a Nana does not mean I can’t rock some lingerie, I just can’t use that domain name. So, Super Strong Nana it is.

My hope for this new venture, Super Strong Nana is that I can share and inspire those of you who think that getting older, having grandkids and facing retirement does not mean the beginning of the end. I’m here to show you through my expertise my example and the examples of other super star grandparents that they don’t call these The Golden Years for nothing!

Super Strong Nana

Publication InformationPublisher:
First Appearance:
June 16th, 1962
Created by:
Manuel and Josette Alvarez
Alter Egos:
Lorch, Nana, Mom

In Story InformationTeam Affiliations:
RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS, Z-Health, R and I-phase, ISSA Strength and Conditioning specialist, Progressive Calisthenics Certified, Owner and personal trainer at Boot Camp Fitness and Training and Tallahassee Kettlebells

Special AbilitiesCan fall asleep after drinking a pot of coffee mixed with shots of espresso. Removed a cast with a pvc pipe cutter. Creates incredible results-driven workouts. Motivates and inspires thousands of people to change their lives through exercise. Can still name all 100 original Pokemon. Rides two skateboards stacked on top of each other on her head. Can get into a Lotus pose without using her hands and while upside down on a skateboard.

For the number crunchers out there, here’s the  Super Strong Nana Historical Timeline!

  • Age 32 gave birth to my second child
  • Age 34 competed in my first bodybuilding competition
  • Age 35 received my personal training certification
  • Age 36 competed in my 2nd bodybuilding competition
  • Age 37 dropped my oldest son off at college and took my younger son to his first day of Kindergarten (in the same week)
  • Age 40 received another personal training certification and began working as a trainer at a local gym
  • Age 41 watched my son, Ryan marry the wonderful, incredible, Erin.
  • Age 42 ran my first half marathon and saw Ryan graduate from college.
  • Age 43 ran my 2nd half marathon
  • Age 44 started my own fitness business, Boot Camps to Go on a patch of grass outside of a gymnastics studio.
  • Age 45 moved my boot camp business into an 800 sqft warehouse unit and hired my ,brother Mike to help me run the business.
  • Age 46 moved my boot camp business into a 2600 sqft unit. Received my Russian Kettlebell Certification with my oldest son, Ryan. Boot Camps to Go won several awards for outstanding fitness program as well as Small Business of the Year. Appeared in my first national magazine as a fitness expert. Began coaching Special Olympic athletes. Started another fitness business, Tallahassee Kettlebells. Listed as
  • Age 47 Moved Boot Camps to Go into it’s current 5600 sqft facility. Won several more fitness awards including the Best Personal Trainer in Tallahassee. Was interviewed for Oxygen magazine. One of my clients was featured training with me for a feature on CNN. Named one of Tallahassee’s 25 Women to Know. Listed as Who’s Who in IDEA Fitness Journal.
  • Age 48 celebrated my 48th birthday with 48, 48 kilogram (105 pounds) Kettlebell Swings during my birthday party workout..while wearing a tiara! Received my Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Certification. Was interviewed for Women’s Health magazine. Had one of my clients featured in the IDEA Fitness Journal.
  • Age 49 Trained for and earned my Russian Kettlebell Level 2 Certification making me one of only 5 level 2 instructors in the state of Florida. Earned my Z-Health R-phase certification. Celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my husband, Rick. Began work on my new book. And in August of my 49th year, I finally met my beautiful granddaughter, Ava.
  • Age 50 Was selected and invited to be an RKC Team Leader, making me one of the elite Kettlebell instructors in the world. Was invited to assist and lead teams through one of the most demanding Kettlebell certifications. Took my first trip out of the country, landing in Paris on my 50th birthday. Navigated my way through three countries by planes, trains and automobiles. Was interviewed and appeared in several health magazines. Began work on a book to help new businesses with start up and success. Flipped a 360 pound tractor tire 50 times to celebrate my 50th Birthday. Got certified in Zhealth I-phase.
  • Age 51 Sent my last kid off to UCF. Experienced, Empty Nest Syndrome (it was horrible). Experienced the freedom of not having kids at home (it was great). Kid moves back home to attend FSU (Freedom went out the door). Completed the Goruck challenge..one of the hardest events I’ve ever done. Quite a few young guys dropped out but I am proud to say, I finished. My grandson, Andrew Blackburn was born. Ran a half marathon on the trails surrounding Tallahassee. Attended the Purposely Primitive Workshop led by some of the strongest guys in the world and was immediately bitten by the powerlifting bug. Signed up for (was talked into) signing up for my first powerlifting meet. Competed in my first powerlifting meet the day before my 52nd Birthday. Set Florida State records for my age group.
  • Age 52 Celebrated 28 years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Rick. After being traumatized by the Goruck challenge I did last year, I completed another one. Attended and passed the Progressive Calisthenics Certification.